• Choosing Doors

    The different types to choose from according to your style!

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    Wood and Glass Entrance Doors

    Entrance doors can be made in so many ways and they can easily upgrade a home's curb appeal.

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    Bold Modern Entrance Doors

    Contrasting colors for the door and frame make a modern statement

  • At Mum City, we only source from brand named door manufacturers so that your doors will be built to last and work properly for decades to come. Many homeowners are upgrading doors and windows to make their homes much more energy efficient with double or triple-paned windows as well as new doors that seal off drafts. Not only do new doors and windows make your home look updated, they can greatly improve your home security as well.


    So, call us today at (959) 215-1555 or fill in the contact form and we'll schedule an appointment to visit you onsite, explain all the options and choices, and provide a free, no-obligation quote. All of our work comes with warranties and we offer affordable prices and financing options, too!

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    Sliding Glass Doors

    Sliding glass patio doors can come in a range of colors and materials as well for a rustic look or modern look.

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    Exterior Glass Doors

    Many businesses have exterior glass doors, but homes can as well.

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    Interior French Doors

    These are a lovely way to separate two rooms in a home to isolate noise but maintain a look of spaciousness and elegance.

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    Interior Double Doors

    Solid double doors can make an opening wider so that it is easier to move furniture in and out, yet maintain the privacy of a bedroom.

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    Sliding Glass Patio Doors

    Glass doors have the advantage of letting in maximum light to brigten dark spaces.

  • Schedule a FREE consultation and get a FREE $500 Hotel Savings Card

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    Services We Offer in Bristol CT and surrounding areas

    Professional Window Installers in Bristol CT

    Expert Window Installation

    Doing Windows Right

    Thinking about upgrading your windows? Double-paned and triple-paned windows insulate well and can save your energy bill. We'll educate you about the different choices in framing materials so you can make a wise decision that lasts for decades to come.

    Professional Siding Installers

    Professional Siding Installation

    Expert Siding Installation

    We'll educate you about the different materials and types of siding best suited to your home before you make the investment. Siding has a huge impact on the curb appeal and appearance of your house and some types are insulating.